By Mr. J. Arockiasamy,M. A., M. Ed., M. Phil.(Edn), M. Sc.(Phy), M. S. W., M. Sc.(Yoga), M. S., PGDDC., P. Th.

It was on 19th March, 2021, when all the staff members were told to assemble for the FDP in the classroom. When all the staff had gathered, the Chief guest and Resource Person, J. Arockiasamy was ushered in. After a hymn, he was introduced to the gathered august staff members:

Mr. J. Arockiasamy is not only today’s chief guest, but more, he is a Resource Person, having achieved almost 9-degrees! That speaks for him: a man of varied knowledge and with vast experience. He is the Chair Person for the CHILD WELFARE COMMITTEE, Dindigul District. He is in close association with the Dept. of Social Defense – Govt. of Tamil Nadu. He is a Master Trainer for the Police Well-being- A man of myriad personality and talents. He was, then, honoured by our Principal. Having spoken of his impressive personality, he was asked to occupy the stage.

He began his talk with his boy-hood experience from the school time onwards till the present time: all heard him spell-bound. For, it was touching and mesmerizing when re related all the incidents to show how he rose from an “academic-zero” to the most wanted person in the Government Circles at the moment! Having won a lot of degrees, awards and accolades from various institutions, he is now strongly settled as the Chair Person for the Child Welfare Committee in Dindigul District.

Just as his various experiences of “ups and downs” moulded him into a refined and skilled personality, he instructed all the staff to mould themselves into an acceptable and a pioneering person through each one’s variety of experiences. He insisted on being an exemplary and scintillating persons in the class rooms; so that seeing such talented, skilled and pioneering teachers, the students will look up to them in their life, which is what the teachers are supposed to be – shaping the lives of students. And it was an exhilarating moment when he accurately read the mind of a staff! He instructed the staff saying that through our observation and involvement with the students we should be able to know and guide them well.

Thus the Faculty development programme ended with the staff anxiously awaiting his next arrival.