Bon Secours Arts and Science College for Women has committed itself to the growth, progress and welfare of the downtrodden women of Dindigul and its surrounding areas. Hence, the college admits only girl-students in the college to empower, to change and to live. Such noble endeavor is accomplished through imparting academic education, together with physical, emotional, social and moral spheres, which will shape life and vision, and ultimately, equip them to face the challenges of tomorrow.

In order to become pioneering women in this fast changing world, the college imparts job oriented course, diploma course, Life Skills, Functional English etc. The college thus, aims at moulding them become the best women of tomorrow’s world where they’ll be able to shine as a beacon of hope to many others whom they can guide, lead, help and transform their lives, as well. Thus our students are trained and educated towards this noble aim and a mission of their life, so that they become an asset and a living example to the society and the nation they live in.