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Our Facilities

Bon Secours Arts and Science College for Women have Well furnished, airy and Ventilated Class Rooms,Good Communication skills with the life skills,Assured Safety and Security in the Campus,Quality Education at affordable cost,Hostel within the campus,Adequate Transport facilities. In below check it our all facilities.

Sports Facility

       “SPORTSMANSHIP - A moral-ethical approach to Athletes irrespective of games”

       Sports is a commitment for the athletes to play with fairness, integrity and goodwill. Physical activity aids in the development of mental health and physical fitness of the body. Our college offers various games, such as Hand-Ball, Volley-Ball, Kho-Kho, Athletics and more.

       The sport - Handball plays a vital role in our college and our students have won many medals and trophies in various colleges and Universities. Sports Day is being conducted for our students to come out in flying colors. Also, the Students who are athletes are benefited by concessions and various scholarships offered by the Mother Teresa University.

Hostel Facility

                  Our Hostels are a second home for those who left their nativity. It is an abode where students can freely enjoy their time after college, stay here and utilize it to the fullest. Mobile Phones are allowed for a stipulated time period and should be submitted at a certain time. This is followed for the betterment of students, for their mental health and helps them to have a more disciplined behavior. Dormitory halls are present in the hostel.  It is built for the students to mingle, adjust and to interact with everyone with ease. The food provided in our hostel is prepared in a healthy manner and we provide mineral water to drink.


                            “With a hostel, you get to pay half the price for twice the fun”

Library Facility

                    “ A place where knowledge is abundant and wisdom is imbibed”


           Our college has a collection of books in various disciplines which are arranged in racks. Our college offers more than ten departments and adequate reference books and copies are available in our library. These books are kept under the guidance of the staff members.

           Magazines, Journals, and Periodicals are also available in the library. All of these books are useful for reading, analyzing and interpretation. Also, Question Banks are also available for competitive examinations.

“A calm and poised arena where anyone can dwell upon to taste the richness of wisdom”

Transport Facility

                   Transportation is inevitable for an Educational Institution. Our college has two buses which go in and around the city to pick up and drop off the students and staff members of Bon’s family. Our transportation is well maintained and we have employed well-equipped and experienced drivers for a safe and comfortable drive. WhatsApp groups have been created to convey messages now and then for communication and the welfare of students.


                        “Allow the students to travel with a fair price and safe journey”