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Extension Activities

Extension activities of our college are integrated with nearest village. The college promotes network with neighborhood communities through organizing awareness programmes on HIV, AIDS, Insurance, Small Savings, Health and Hygiene, Human Rights, Dowry harassment, Women’s health etc.


The aim of Youth Red Cross is to train the students to bring assistance without discrimination to the suffering humanity. It promotes mutual understanding, friendship, cooperation and lasting peace among all people.

YRC students will be given training programme in disaster management, fire fighting, first aid, road safety, traffic control, health care, blood donation and awareness about Air Force and Navy.


Based on Christian Principles, as found in the teaching of Jesus, the college is destined to do social service through Bon Secours Social Activities meant to uplift the downtrodden. This can be done by the members adopting a village and looking into and fulfilling the various needs of the people therein.

Cleanliness of the place can be paid attention to. The committee can also form literary programme through which social service can be done. The members can also do some Socially Useful and Productive Work, which can comprise social awareness programme.


Rotaract club provides an opportunity for young women to enhance the knowledge and skills that will assist them in personal development, to address the physical and social needs of their communities, and to promote better relations between all people worldwide through a framework of friendship.

Our Extension Activities List

Academic Year Activity Name Date -
2021 YRC Organized an Awareness Programme for WORLD SUICIDE PREVENTION DAY 2021-09-18 View
2021 YRC conducted the Fireless Cooking Competition on the world food day. 2021-10-12 View
2021 YRC Organized a webinar on World Mental health Day entitled "ADOLESCENT WELL BEING DURING THE PANDEMIC” 2021-10-09 View
2021 RRC Organized a World Aids Day - December 1st,2023 2023-11-27 View
2023-2024 NSS organised international yoga day on 21-06-2023 2023-06-21 View
2023-2024 NSS Organised Blood Donation Camp on 24.7.2023 2023-07-24 View
2023-2024 The Youth Red Cross organized an Awareness programme on Pad Free Periods (Menstrual Cup Awareness & Distribution Seminar) 2024-03-20 View