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           The Universal Language has accretion and growth of every dialect, race, range of time in its compacted composition. Great Literature on the other hand, is the language charged with meaning to the utmost possible degree. It takes a great deal of History to produce a little literature; So be a part of History!


  • To provide appropriate pedagogies, such as working models, chart, slide show, seminar, and lecture, that will lead students towards retention and success, as well as, an increase in the academic knowledge pertaining their future.
  • To assure students encounter creativity pertaining to English studies through theatre production, readings by professional writers and their own creative, critical productions and presentations.


  • To strengthen the liberal Education of students by developing a deep understanding of Language and Literacy, the values of critical reading, effective writing, and the richness of Literature, past and present.
  • To enable students acquire communicative competency, so that, they make quality use of Language as a means of creating conducive human environment, imbued with vibrant interpersonal bonding, common understanding leading to global harmony.


  • To impart English Communication skills to the students.
  • To equip the students with manners, etiquettes and soft skills.
  • To enable the students to use English Language as a tool for employment, social progress and Prosperity.
  • To develop interest among the student regarding literature as a fine art.
  • To inculcate aesthetic sense and human values among the students.


  • students who have the reading skills to examine literature from multiple eras, cultures, and genres with critical understanding. More specifically, we aim to graduate



  • Our department is committed to the development of intellectual curiosity and critical, creative thinking and writing:
  • The study of human experiences and the ways in which our shared realities have been created and communicated throughout history.
  • Cultivating relationships and collaborations with community partners to enhance students experiential learning.

Department Activities

Organized a Colesium 2023 on 10th October 2023

Organized One Day International Webinar on 08.09.2021

Conducted 15 days Bridge Course Programme on Path Finding from 13.9.2021 to 29.9.2021

Conducted Bon Vista Literary Expo-22 on 26.04.2022

Conducted a Seminar on Women Safety - 18.07.2022

Inauguration of Five-Days Bridge Course from 05.08.2022 to 14.08.2022

Inauguration of Green Garden on 10.10.2022

Organized One Day State-Level Seminar on 20.03.2023

Organized One day Lecture on Importance of English on 18.09.2021

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