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The department of Mathematics was established in the academic year 2019.Presently the department offers B.Sc Mathematics Degree course under UG program affiliated with Mother Teresa Women’s University, Kodaikanal. Now the department has three faculty members who are highly qualified well experienced and committed faculty. Apart from providing mathematical background to the students, the department promotes ethical values and strives for the personality development of the students.

            We are the SUPPORTING ORGANS to all other departments like physics, chemistry, computer science, Commerce &management, commerce with computer applications.

            We are offering both mathematics and statistics as allied paper and resource management technique, numerical methods as non-major elective papers for all the above disciplines.


  • To Achieve 100% results in our department every year.
  • To Achieve overall growth in education and teaching.
  • To Help the students for their academic achievement to reach global needs through our association.


  1. To provide the best mathematical learning methods to students in order to strengthen and enlightened science concepts .

To provide opportunities for faculty to participate in various seminars,worshops,FDP’s and training programs.

Department Activities

Celebrated National Science Day on 4th March 2022

Arranged an industrial visit to Ambika Cotton Mills on 13th May 2022

Organized an Inter department competition on 5th September 2023

Organized a seminar on 1st September 2023

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